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45: The Impact of Plastics on Human Health & the Environment + What To Do with Jackie Bowker


Why is it bad to use plastics?

Around 1950, humans were producing about 2 million tons of plastic per year. Today, the number has soared to a whopping 400 million tons of plastic annually.

This week, Jackie explains everything you need to know about plastics from a functional medicine perspective. Plastics are found in everything from food to makeup, and you’ll learn exactly how it affects the body and contributes to poor health.

She’ll also teach you how plastics are killing the environment and have become a huge factor in the current extinction of humankind. 

If you want to make a true difference on the planet, this is the episode for you! Through hearing easy tips and tricks to lessen your use of plastics, you’ll take small steps that will create a huge impact on future generations. 


  • The history of human use of plastic.
  • How plastics damage the body and personal health.
  • Tips to reduce your use of plastic.
  • Why plastic is harmful to the environment.
  • The reason even small steps matter. 


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“I’m often talking about plastics from a functional medicine perspective, as in what all of these plastics and microplastics are doing to our body. They are killing us, but they’re also killing those around us.” (2:42, Jackie)

“We are literally using our earth as a human garbage dump.” (3:19, Jackie)

“Imagine if we all took one action step a week. In six months, we will have changed our life and the communities dramatically.” (4:31, Jackie)

“Plastic is around for hundreds and hundreds of years. It takes so long to break down.” (6:09, Jackie)

“Make one small change a week and all these changes add up.” (12:18, Jackie)

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