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WELLNESS TRAVEL IS BACK! EARLYBIRD OPEN! EVENT IS MARCH 1 - 4, 2023 The #1 Health Event to unlock the next level of your Personal or Business Growth

We believe health creates wealth.

As a result of our programs, retreats and keynotes, participants are able to lead themselves and their teams more confidently and effectively while gaining increased mental and pysical wellbeing.

Our propietary research, where we have surveyed over 14,000 people, indicates that 57% of people are stressed and that their stress level is affecting their performance. One of the biggest contributors to this is brain fog, or an inability to focus which is compromising their productivity.

Through our proprietary Feel Better Method, we offer plans and guidance to rebalance your biochemistry, limiting beliefs, self sabotaging behaviors, so you can claim your power, connect with your own intuition, recognize that you have limitless potential and live the life you were supposed to. 


Here is how we do it:

The Global Feel Better Institute's

Wellness Programs

Our Wellness Programs support the health, happiness and productivity of you and your team.

The Global Feel Better Institute's

Wellness Travel

The Wellness Event that will unlock the next level of your personal or business growth.

The Global Feel Better Institute's

Wellness Speaking

Our Microbiome, Micronutrition and Micromindset keynotes inspire and motivate action.