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Want a happy gut?

44: The Missing Link Between Plant Foods & Gut Health with Jackie Bowker


How many plant foods do you eat a day? A 2018 study proved that eating 30 plant foods a day has an enormous positive impact on the gut microbiome.

And while 30 plant foods a day might sound overwhelming at first, it’s actually much easier than you might think! In this episode, Jackie will give you easy tips to incorporate this nutritional change into your daily life.

She’ll explain the importance of eating real, quality foods and the benefits you’ll reap. It turns out that food is medicine for your body and you become what you eat.

Eating 30 plant foods a day won’t only increase your energy, but it’ll also boost your creativity so you can make more money and make a larger impact on the world. So get out there and supercharge yourself with the foods you are eating!


  • Jackie goes over the 2018 study.
  • The connection between the gut and brain.
  • Why you shouldn’t eat a bowl of cereal for breakfast.
  • The importance of a strong gut.
  • Tips to incorporate real food into your diet.
  • The reason quality food matters.
  • The benefits of eating real plant foods. 


“Knowledge is power and is even more powerful when you take action towards it.” (2:28, Jackie)

“So by feeding our gut with really healthy plant foods and a diverse amount of those, we are gonna be much more resilient. We are gonna be much more creative.” (3:09, Jackie)

“The food that you eat is medicine for the body. You literally become the food that you eat.” (4:00, Jackie)

“It is really critical what you put in your body.” (13:58, Jackie)

“Knowledge is power, but enjoy the journey. Take responsibility for where you are now and set the intention for your transformation.” (20:04, Jackie)

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