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42: Testosterone: Why This Hormone Matters & Strategies To Balance It In The Body with Jackie Bowker


Did you know that women need healthy levels of testosterone too?

There’s a lot of talk about sex hormones, especially estrogen and progesterone. But not as much is said about testosterone, and even less is said about the hormone that converts into testosterone, Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA).

In this episode, Jackie sheds a light on testosterone and why women should be paying attention to it. Testosterone deficiency is common in perimenopause and postmenopausal females, so it’s important to keep these hormones balanced in the body.

From preventing depression to protecting again breast cancer, there are so many benefits to healthy testosterone levels. Hearing these pros, you’ll be inspired to give your testosterone a good look. Then, you’ll get easy tips and tools to ensure you have healthy levels.

 It’s time to give your testosterone the due diligence it deserves! 


  • Why happiness brings more money and success.
  • What testosterone does in the body.
  • The benefits of balanced testosterone levels.
  • The importance of testing.
  • The connection between adrenal glands and testosterone.
  • Why you should pay attention to mindset and biochemistry. 


“Making yourselves as happy as possible is going to make you more money. It’s going to help you do better in life, in business, in your relationships.” (2:50, Jackie)

“Did you know that it’s really important that females have really good levels of testosterone just as males need to?” (4:27, Jackie)

“My whole philosophy is test don’t guess, but testing is just as much about listening to the patient as it is about testing.” (6:21, Jackie)

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