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41: Do You Have Low Iron? Why It Matters & What You Can Do About It with Jackie Bowker


Nearly 25% of the world’s population suffers from anemia. When it comes to iron, it’s clear that our current healthcare system is failing.

In today’s episode, Jackie talks about iron and why it’s so misunderstood in functional medicine. She’ll bust some myths and share the symptoms of iron deficiency. Then, she’ll teach you how to maintain healthy levels of iron in your body.

Jackie wants to help you take control of your health so you can avoid more significant iron issues, like anemia, down the line.  With the simple steps in this episode, you’ll regain balance and know enough to have a knowledgeable conversation with your primary care physician.

Because when your iron levels are normal, you’ll have the energy and health to share your special message with the world. 


  • Symptoms of iron deficiency.
  • Root causes of iron deficiency.
  • How much iron you should have in your body.
  • Simple steps to rebalance your iron levels.
  • How to increase iron absorption levels. 
  • What you need to know about stool tests.


“You can’t do your best work in the world if you are chronically tired.” (4:30, Jackie)

“What’s your root cause is probably different to what the next person’s root cause is because we are all so different.” (4:40, Jackie)

“If you haven’t gone to the effort to rebuild and reset your gut lining, your gut lining is most likely compromised.” (9:30, Jackie)

“The first place I look is the gut because there’s so much that we can do to correct this low iron before it becomes this full-blown out anemia.” (11:23, Jackie)

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