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Want a happy gut?

40: How To Use Body Talk To Lose Weight, Love The Way You Look & Improve Your Health with Jackie Bowker


Jackie used to look in the mirror, and hate who she saw staring back. Today, she is filled with self-love and compassion, largely due to one simple technique.

Today, Jackie will teach you how to do a transformational practice called Body Talk. By doing this, you’ll increase your self-confidence and love, so you can help fill every area of your life with abundance.

This divine practice will also help you improve your health outcomes, no matter what your health looks like right now.

If you struggle with negative self-talk or low self-esteem, this episode will change the way you perceive yourself!


  • How toxic thoughts affect the body.
  • Why positive self-talk is important.
  • What Body Talk is and how to do it.
  • The reason you should focus on awareness.
  • Why you should love your body.
  • How to find the right self-love words. 


“Toxic thoughts affect how well we are, how much disease we have in our body, how long we will live in a way that is vibrant with energy, with great vitality.” (2:12, Jackie)

“What we believe becomes what we see.” (4:10, Jackie)

“Awareness is the first step to change.” (5:16, Jackie)

“The best way to be good to your body is to remember to love it.” (7:21, Jackie)

“Speak to yourself only like you would speak to someone that you love, that you adore, that you cherish.” (8:26, Jackie)

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