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Want a happy gut?

39: Using Your Intuition To Improve Your Health with Jackie Bowker


Feel Better Now Podcast host Jackie Bowker is a Functional Medicine Intuitive. What does this mean? She can read your energy through an open line of communication directly into your subconscious and use the information to improve your health.

While it might be helpful to see a professional, you can do this on your own too. In this Mini Dose episode, Jackie will give you tips to tap into your own intuition and explain how to take advantage of it to feel better.

Whether it shows up as a gut feeling or a soft whisper, you have the power to ask your body questions and hear the answers. 

Just because we can’t see it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Your intuition is real and here to help you fix your health, share your message, and do better in the world. 


  • What Jackie does as an energy healer.
  • The science behind intuition.
  • Tips to tap into your own intuition.
  • The connection between intuition and the gut.
  • How to use intuition as a tool in your health journey.
  • Why your thoughts matter.


“What if I told you that you could easily find out exactly what was going on through understanding your energy and through an open line of communication directly into your subconscious?” (2:11, Jackie)

“Human beings love evidence. We love to see and then believe. But I think we’ve got it the wrong way around.” (2:43, Jackie)

“Human beings, we are all energy. We are electricity.” (4:02, Jackie)

“I really believe that we are all intuitives. You are as much as I am. It’s just that I’ve honed my craft.” (8:34, Jackie)

“What you believe, you see. Not the other way around.” (11:17, Jackie)

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