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38: How To Forgive Others And How It Makes You Healthier with Jackie Bowker


Why is forgiveness important?

In this Mini Dose, Jackie will help you renew your personal vision of forgiveness and challenge you to see forgiveness in a new way.

It turns out that forgiveness can be used to improve yourself and your ability to share your message with the world. Plus, it’s good for health outcomes!

Jackie wants you to imagine a world where you are empowered to receive as much forgiveness as you are willing to pass on. Because after you do this, a huge weight will be lifted from your shoulders. 


  • The benefits of forgiveness.
  • A study that backs up forgiveness.
  • Tips on forgiving others.
  • How to know when you need to forgive someone.
  • A mantra to help you forgive. 


“Forgiveness makes us feel lighter, makes us walk around with more of a spring in our step, makes us happier that we’re not carrying such a load around.” (4:58, Jackie)

“I would love to encourage you to really renew your personal vision on forgiveness.” (6:22, Jackie)

“If somebody does something wrong and they apologize to you, don’t say that’s okay, because it’s not okay. Say thank you.” (7:41, Jackie)

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