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37: What You Need To Know About Hormones & Using Testing To Take Control Of Your Health with Jackie Bowker


Humans are about 99% genetically the same. But despite this, our hormones are different.

This episode is all about hormone health for both women and men. The healthcare system has largely failed around hormones, but Jackie is here to help you see this topic in an empowering way.

While blood tests are accurate, there are other ways to get more accurate information. Today, you’ll learn about the tests that are available so you can know what the best choice is for you.

She’ll also share some herbs, foods, and supplements to use to boost your hormone health. If you’re looking for some new tools for your holistic toolbelt, this is the episode for you!

Jackie will inspire you to take control of your health and carve out your own path.


  • A personal client case study.
  • The best ways to test hormones.
  • Alternative and holistic tools for hormone health.
  • What you should be looking for in your blood test.
  • Why you should take control of your health.
  • The importance of iron in the body.
  • The connection between hormones and inflammation.


Work with Jackie to feel better now! 


“I’m not the guru here, you are.” (2:51, Jackie)

 “If I move into the menopausal age range and I am carrying weight, it’s only going to make it harder for me to get it off once I’m in there. So I’m doing my absolute best now to be as healthy as possible.” (8:35, Jackie)

“When you are estrogen dominant, that is a sure-fire path to inflammation. And inflammation is the leading cause of disease.” (17:09, Jackie)

“You are the CEO of your own health.” (20:26, Jackie)

‘We test don’t guess. The more data you can afford to have the better.” (18:55, Jackie)

“You can’t see the picture if you’re standing in the frame.” (24:28, Jackie)

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