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Want a happy gut?

30: Using DNA To Maximize Your Health And Impact with Kashif Khan


What if there was something inside of you that can tell you exactly what to do about every health and wellness decision you ever need to make? 

Welcome to the wonderful world of functional genomics! In this episode, Jackie speaks with Kashif Khan, founder of The DNA Company about everything DNA.

Kashif explains why it’s so important to understand what is going on with your genetics, and how you can use the genetic information you find to positively impact your life.

Mixing in impressive case studies, Kashif proves that navigating your health doesn’t always have to be so confusing. With just an easy test, you can create your own genetic map. 


  • The difference between genetics and functional genomics.
  • Why you should eat according to your genetics.
  • How chemicals and pesticides affect human health.
  • Female hormone health and genetics.
  • Sleep and genetics.
  • What dopamine is and how you can find more pleasure.
  • Using genetics to be a better parent and improve your child’s life. 


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“Functional medicine is why did it happen? Let’s dig deep and figure out why, what did you do wrong to cause this, and let’s deal with that.” (4:59, Kashif)

“Our DNA is not our ancestors, I should say are not grandma and grandpa. Our DNA is 200,000 years old.” (7:45, Kashif)

“These tiny changes can make the world of difference.” (18:53, Jackie)

“You get to the point where the reward of the change and what you do consistently feels better than the bad habit.” (28:00, Kashif)

“Understand that every time you eat something, you are making the choice to either hurt yourself or heal yourself.” (33:34, Kashif)


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