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Want a happy gut?

29: Understanding Eating Outs Effects On Your Weight, Gut, Energy, Sleep & Hormones with Jackie Bowker


Many people have a fear of eating out, worrying that the food will make them feel sick.

In today’s Mini Dose, Jackie will dispel your restaurant woes by sharing the three most common mistakes people make when eating out.

She’ll guide you through her proven GET better process:

G(ut)—reducing inflammation

E(ating)—eating real food

T(houghts)—standing up for what you want

There was a time when Jackie would go to restaurants and regret it the next day. Now, she knows how to create a better experience for herself.

Are you ready to join her?


  • Why what we eat matters.
  • The effect of thoughts on your reality.
  • The reason you shouldn’t be afraid to ask for menu alterations.
  • Becoming clear on what you want.
  • The connection between the brain and gut.
  • What eating real food really means.


“Food should be celebrated. Real food nourishes our beautiful temple, our temple, our body is our trillion-dollar machine.” (2:25, Jackie)

“If there’s one thing that you take from this chat today and it’s to remove the gluten and the grains when you’re eating out.” (3:39, Jackie)

“If you look at the ingredients in a packet, you’ll see lots of non-descript items that you don’t know what they are. So that is your cue to run and not eat that food.” (4:50, Jackie)

“If we’re not clear with ourselves, how can we possibly expect other people around us to know what we want?” (7:17, Jackie)

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