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Want a happy gut?

28: A Deep Dive Into The Gut, Brain And Skin Microbiomes with Kiran Krishnan


Hippocrates himself steadfastly claimed that all disease begins in the gut. Well, turns out that he was probably correct!

In this episode, Jackie speaks with Kiran Krishnan. Kiran is a research Microbiologist and co-founder of Microbiome Labs, a company dedicated to raising the bar of the supplement industry as a whole.

In this episode, Kiran breaks down gut health and how it is related to mental health, the brain, and skin. He also explains why probiotics are so important and why you should be careful when choosing one.

He’ll walk you through the symptoms of poor gut health so you can discover if you need probiotics of your own.

After listening, your understanding of the gut and microbiome will be demystified! 


  • What IBS really means.
  • How to know which probiotics to use.
  • The role of the microbiome in improving gut health.
  • HPA access and how it’s connected to the gut.
  • Kiran explains his research around gut supplements.
  • 3 practices that Kiran does to feel better.
  • Problems around labeling. 





“The part that we really ignore quite significantly is the role of microbes in allowing us to handle and manage food.” (12:30, Kiran)

“The way the sympathetic nervous system gets blood to your brain and to your heart and to your central nervous system is by increasing inflammation.” (22:34, Kiran)

“When it comes to the microbiome, it’s never too late to make a change and make a difference.” (33:33, Kiran)

“People are putting their trust and their hard-earned dollars on these products to try to make themselves feel better and help themselves and most of it is nonsense.” (37:13, Kiran)

“People should not use a probiotic that doesn’t have published clinical studies on the finished product.” (38:21, Kiran)

“Don’t look at the overwhelming confusion of how to get there. Just incorporate two or three or four small little steps.” (56:04, Kiran)

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