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31: How to Release Fear & Live an Anxiety-Free Life with Jackie Bowker


Help! I feel anxious. What should I do?

If you struggle with fear, you’re not alone. Out of the 15,000 individuals we surveyed over the past 8 months, 6 out of 10 are experiencing feelings of anxiety. 

In this episode, Jackie talks about anxiety, fear, and overwhelm. She explains why it’s important and what you can do about this overwhelming issue.

You’ll learn why reducing fear accelerates your impact on the world, letting you naturally share your gifts with those around you. She’ll teach you how to see anxiety from a different perspective, so you can feel some relief immediately.

After suffering from seemingly unstoppable fear and anxiety attacks years ago, Jackie has since healed herself. By listening to this episode, you will be taking the first step towards living a life not dominated by fear!


  • Tips for people struggling with anxiety.
  • What biologically happens in the brain when feeling fear.
  • The connection between the gut and anxiety.
  • How food affects your fear levels.
  • Steps to start changing your mindset.
  • Using mantras to release fear.


“What we need is for people to be empowered with knowledge, be empowered with simple actions that we can take to improve our health, which improves our performance.” (3:31, Jackie)

“What is going on in your gut is directly related to what is going on in your brain.” (7:50, Jackie)

“We know that inflammation creates nine out of ten diseases in our society today.” (9:16, Jackie)

“We have a tendency to be validated by our label or our diagnosis as a society.” (14:44, Jackie)

“The power is in your thoughts and how you can use your thoughts to change your reality and perceive a situation differently. You can use your thoughts to create your own reality.” (16:57, Jackie)

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