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Want a happy gut?

25. Tiny Actions to Feel Better and Increase Your Jo


In today’s mini dose, Jackie will be focusing on the moments of joy in your life and how to take control of your health wherever you’re at.

Jackie starts this episode by telling her story of being burnt out, irritable, sick, and unable to function, transforming into the successful entrepreneur and mother she is today.

She’ll share how to take tiny steps forward in your happiness, giving you actionable suggestions for new activities to start. You’ll also get tips to keep this happiness going.

Overall, Jackie will encourage you to make a true commitment to yourself and inspire you to take back control. 


  • The power in taking small steps.
  • Why you should find outside accountability.
  • Ways to feel empowered. 
  • Actionable tips for injecting more joy into your life.
  • How to make a commitment to yourself.


“It really is my mission to serve you and help you feel better.” (3:27, Jackie)

“We are up to 95% more likely to succeed. If we have an agreed commitment and we are accountable to somebody.” (6:34, Jackie)

“What can you do to take back control of your health, of your nutrition? Because trust me, nobody is in charge except you.” (8:11, Jackie)

“Really, my key message here is that you are the guru. Nobody else is in control of your own health, but you.” (11:03, Jackie)

“Because life, it’s precious. Our time on this planet is limited. Make every moment count.” (11:54, Jackie)

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