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Want a happy gut?

26. Increasing Your Passion and Energy with Ronni Kahn AO


“Be brave and courageous because all you have is now.”

This quote came from this episode’s incredibly inspiring guest, Ronni Kahn AO. Ronni is a social entrepreneur and the founder of the food rescue charity OzHarvest.

With raw authenticity, you’ll hear stories from her life about how she became the passionate activist she is today.

You’ll also learn about her work to fix the broken food system and will get easy tips on how to be more mindful and present in each moment. 

Ronni brings bold and infectious energy to the show that’s sure to rub off on you! 


  • Why you should be present.
  • How to recover from burnout.
  • The power of nature.
  • The true costs of food waste.
  • The reason women are the new hungry. 
  • Ronni’s thoughts on judgment. 
  • An invitation to join the “Order of the Teaspoon.” 




Buy Ronni’s Memoir


“If we are not living right here and now, and being the very best we can be, we are wasting the opportunity of our lives.” (16:37, Ronni)

“We are role models, whether we know it or not.” (19:52, Ronni)

“My gift is as a medical intuitive. And now I know that it’s my role in line in this human existence to share that special gift.” (21:36, Jackie)

“A river runs, it’s never the same water, and it keeps on running even if it’s a trickle. So do we.” (24:38, Ronni)

“Everybody deserves the opportunity to be treated with dignity and respect.” (38:59, Ronni)

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