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23. Why Stepping on the Scale Can Slow Weight Loss


Are you weighing yourself every single day?

If so, you might be doing more harm than good!

In this short episode, Jackie walks you through her 5 thoughts to summarize weight loss.

You’ll learn what really contributes to weight gain, and how weighing yourself can actually cause you to GAIN weight in the long run.

Jackie will teach you how to take the path of least resistance so you can have compassion and love for yourself, which is the most important thing of all.


  • Why resistance creates stress in the body.
  • The importance of accountability.
  • Focusing on the end goal.
  • Taking the path of least resistance. 
  • Being mindful during a weight loss journey.


“What we weigh on the scale is made up of so many moving pieces.” (2:07, Jackie)

“Focusing on what is, when it’s different to what you want, creates resistance and moves you away from your goal.” (4:24, Jackie)

“Humans love structure. They love accountability. They like the safety of knowing the requirements or the rules.” (6:16, Jackie)

“Weighing yourself daily is a habit that does not serve you.” (7:41, Jackie)

“Learning to love and accept yourself and coming from a place of compassion, the same compassion you would have for yourself as you have for others, is paramount to your health, to the health of your mind and body and your success.” (8:38, Jackie)

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