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Want a happy gut?

22. Hacks For Your Hormones For High Performance with Dr. Anna Cabeca


No matter how old you are, a healthy and fun life is your birthright.

In today’s episode, triple-board certified OB-GYN Dr. Anna Cabeca shares with you how to claim this life and move into a place where you feel good on all levels. 

An expert on hormones, Dr. Anna will teach you how to manage the levels within your body so you can thrive.

By getting back to the basics and taking care of the root cause, you can rid yourself of the multitude of symptoms around a hormonal imbalance. 

Through her deep wisdom and advice, you’ll walk away from this episode ready to be your best coach.


  • The importance of pause.
  • Why so many people are going through burnout.
  • Dr. Anna shares her personal health journey.
  • The different types of hormones and how they work.
  • How our thoughts communicate with bacteria.
  • The Keto-Green diet.
  • Prioritizing fun. 




“There’s magic in the pauses of our life.” (11:03, Dr. Anna)

‘We have to work with mother nature, not against her.” (22:31, Dr. Anna)

“When we address these underlying issues, then our hormones play better together.” (24:29, Dr. Anna)

“When we’re healthy, there’s not chaos around us, there’s order.” (26:40, Dr. Anna)

“My focus is on helping women speak in a way that is empowering and that they can look at themselves and say, what a rock star you are.” (28:27, Jackie)

“I really want to see moms and daughters having the discussion about our hormone changes about menopause. And I want daughters to help their moms hold that safe container to support them through this transition, too.” (33:55, Dr. Anna)

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