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21: How Junk Blue Light From Screens Affects Your Energy, Brain, Body & Sleep


Do you have a smartphone, use a computer, or watch TV?

If so, you are being affected by blue lights (AKA junk light), each and every day. 

In this short episode, Jackie delves into the topic of junk light and explains how it causes havoc in the body.

You’ll also get some easy tools and tips on how to limit your junk light exposure and avoid symptoms.

Spoiler, if you’re suffering from headaches to inflammation, junk light might be the culprit! 


  • How junk light works in the body biologically.
  • Why blue block glasses work.
  • A list of tools and tips to avoid blue light exposure. 
  • Signs of too much blue light exposure. 
  • What kind of light bulbs to use.


“Have you got a phone? Do you use a computer? Do you watch a TV? So you may not know that these emit something called blue light.” (1:14, Jackie)

“Inflammation is the leading cause of disease and it is preventable.” (2:06, Jackie)

“What happens with the junk light is that it disrupts this pattern called our circadian rhythm.” (6:09, Jackie)

“I just really believe that the human body wasn’t designed to deal with all of this junk blue light.” (9:29, Jackie)

“You are responsible for health and nutrition and for keeping yourself well, nobody else is.” (13:23, Jackie)

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