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Want a happy gut?

20: How Stress, Breathwork & Sleep Affect Your Energy with Sachin Patel


How can you tap into our core essence to discover unlimited amounts of self-love?

Today, Jackie speaks with Sachin Patel, a functional medicine practice success coach, author, speaker, and breathwork facilitator. 

Sachin will help you see the body and soul as one, teaching you how they affect each other in many ways.

Bringing you right to the basics, he’ll teach you easy practices that will help you do everything from getting more sleep to feeling more happiness. 

Taking care of your health is the deepest form of self-love you can find. And as Sanchin stresses, that is the most important thing of all.


  • How stress affects energy levels.
  • The importance of sleep and rising with the sun.
  • Remembering the wholeness of who you are. 
  • Signs of low dopamine and how to naturally increase your levels.
  • Why breathwork works + some easy practices.
  • Loving yourself first.
  • The power of detachment. 



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“It only takes an entrepreneur achieving extreme levels of success to realize how important rest actually is for them to take it to that whole next level that they want to go to.” (3:18, Sachin)

“We really need to reframe where we send energy in our lives, and then that will reframe how we use energy in our body.” (6:41, Sachin)

“There’s so much to glean from the activities that we were doing when we were ancestors that we have somehow really moved away from.” (13:07, Jackie)

“We have to really understand that the pharmaceutical companies are not coming to save you. Your doctors can’t save you from yourself. There is no supplement that can save you from yourself. And ultimately we have to be our own stewards of health. We have to be our own advocates.” (25:32, Sachin)

“What if we could just dream for a moment and we could help people from the moment they’re born realize their wholeness, realize their humanness, realize the potential that lays dormant within all of us, and actualize that from the very beginning?” (28:38, Sachin)

“The only thing that’s real is something that never changes.” (48:12, Sachin)

“Love yourself to life as much as you can.” (55:06, Sachin)

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