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Want a happy gut?

17: 5 Strategies to END Your FATIGUE so You Wake Up FIRING Everyday


How often do you feel tired?

Jackie is back today to talk about tiredness and bring you her 5 strategies to feel better and end the fatigue!

You’ll hear all about the power of eating whole, unprocessed foods and how they can have a medicinal effect on the body. 

Jackie will also stress the importance of knowing the source of your food and taking accountability for your health.

This episode will fill you with energy and help you create a healthy, revitalized body. 


  • What whole foods are.
  • Five inflammatory foods that are troublesome for the body.
  • How to set an intention around the food you eat.
  • Eating healthy fats.
  • The importance of understanding the source of your food.
  • Why you should always know what you are putting in your body.


“Bringing that intention and attracting the vibration of love into your food will create a different energy and impact on your cells and your blood than if you were eating the food coming from a place of conflict.” (4:09, Jackie)

“Inflammation without a doubt is the leading cause of disease. Nine out of 10 deaths are created by inflammation in the body.” (10:26, Jackie)

“You’ll find that we can regulate hormones a lot when we rectify the diet to include lots of healthy fats. So they’re not something to be scared of.” (18:45, Jackie)

“It’s not just what you eat. It’s how you eat.” (23:11, Jackie)

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