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18: Upgrade your Body and Life with Betty Rocker (Bree Argetsinger)


Vibrant health is always just a series of choices away.

Bree Argetsinger, aka The Betty Rocker, is an internationally known health and fitness coach on today’s episode to teach you some new choices so you can move towards your dream body.

She believes first and foremost that health is a mindset, and that by approaching your body from a place of curiosity you will embrace a fresh sense of self-love.

You’ll be reminded that you already have everything you need inside of you to heal once and for all, and you’ll learn how to build the mindset to get there. 

You can choose to feel bad, or step forward into vibrant health. What will you choose? 


  • The impact of a lack of movement on energy.
  • Benefits of training barefoot.
  • Reprogramming your inner-beliefs about yourself.
  • Why you should never judge someone based on their appearance.
  • The four pillars of a healthy physique. 
  • How to model the type of behavior you want in your life.



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“Everything that we do on the mat, in the gym, it’s a practice. It’s an opportunity to practice. We wanna let go of the pressure we feel to perform.” (9:31, Bree)

“I learned that we are all energy, that we’re all electricity and that we can recharge from the ground up.” (13:11, Jackie)

“We apologize for all these things when really we should just be claiming that and owning them.” (19:50, Bree)

“It’s just important I think to remember that we all go through seasons of life, to not make assumptions about other people’s value based solely on their appearance. To try to look below the surface, to try to have empathy for what people are going through.” (27:52, Bree)

“The workout isn’t really what’s gonna get you shredded. It’s creating this optimal state in your body.” (39:53, Bree)

“We have to remember the importance and value of doing nice things for ourselves, of setting ourselves up for success and not letting life just pass you by, without taking those moments to love yourself.” 43:07, Bree)

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