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Want a happy gut?

16: How to get to the Root Cause of all Chronic Disease with Dr. Tom O’Bryan


Did you know that a leaky gut can lead to a leaky brain?

Dr. Tom O’Bryan is an expert on gluten-related disorders, an author, and the founder of

Today, Dr. Tom is here to share how inflammation affects more areas of your health than you might think. 

You’ll learn how to tell if you’re having inflammation issues in your body and how to turn those around. 

He’ll also go deep into the topic of gluten and other food sensitivities, so you can know what to cut out to feel stronger and healthier. 

Also diving into the topic of leaky gut, you’ll hear that many other organs can leak too. 

Dr. Tom O’Bryan is here to inspire you that no matter how long you’ve been struggling with your health issues, there’s always another way. 


  • 5 contributors to chronic inflammatory disease.
  • Why most people in the world actually die from inflammation.
  • Dr. Tom’s view on antidepressants. 
  • The link between inflammation and both food sensitivities and autoimmune disorders. 
  • Organic vs. inorganic fruits and vegetables.
  • How becoming a parent changed Dr. Tom as a doctor. 


The Environmental Working Group

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Join Dr. Tom O’Bryan in the 10-day leaky gut challenge. 

The Autoimmune Disease Solution They’re Not Telling You.


“So if your deck of cards, you were dealt, the gene for Alzheimer’s, it doesn’t mean you’re getting Alzheimer’s, but it means if you pull it the chain too much, that’s the link that’s likely to break and then you’re going to get Alzheimer’s. So the takeaway is don’t pull the chain so hard.” (9:34, Dr. O’Bryan)

“For every one message from the brain telling the gut what to do there are nine messages from the gut telling the brain what to do.” (20:45, Dr. O’Bryan)

“You’re lucky if you’re one of the ones that get symptoms.” (30:06, Jackie)

“Gluten is not bad for you. Bad gluten is bad for you.” (47:46, Jackie)

“If you’re letting the water run in the bathroom sink while you’re brushing your teeth because you’re so used to hearing the water running, it’s a nice sound for you, but people are dying in the world of starvation. We have to change the way we think.” (1:00, Dr. O’Bryan)

“No parent is consciously sabotaging their child’s development, but they haven’t taken the time to learn how they may be unconsciously sabotaging their child’s development.” (1:04, Dr. O’Bryan)

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Dr Tom is offering a free resource: Betrayal Series. 

Betrayal: The Autoimmune Disease Solution They’re Not Telling You

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