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06: How to Be Unapologetically Authentic with Lola Berry


How important is it to have your special people around you, encouraging you to really believe in yourself to achieve beyond your wildest dreams?

Lola Berry a nutritionist, wellness guru, yoga instructor, actor, TV presenter, and the host of the Fearlessly Failing podcast. She is also the author of 11 books. Her latest release is aptly named Fearlessly Failing, all about how to overcome fear and heartbreak to find your happiness. 

We all need people around us who bring out the best version of ourselves. Lola talks about the special humans in her life, her ups and downs, how you can surround yourself with your biggest cheerleaders, and how to find true joy living a life of service.

Enjoy this transformational interview with the endlessly funny and unapologetically authentic Lola Berry as she unleashes the power of fearlessly failing.


●  Lola’s morning routine and nonnegotiable rituals

●  How to listen to the messages that lead you to your calling

●  What your next step should be if you aren’t sitting in integrity

●  How to get out of a funk if you’re feeling disappointed with yourself

●  The two mentors that changed Lola’s life

●  The most important lesson Lola would teach her children

●  How to be unapologetically yourself


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“My compass has always been about, ‘Does this feel good?’ Always.” (6:54, Lola)

“I’m always going to be too fat for someone and I’m always going to be too skinny for someone else; so, I better figure out what makes me feel good. That was a game-changer.” (11:57, Lola)

“I think self-belief goes miles. I think it’s a currency that will never let you down and run out if you’ve created it.” (28:37, Lola)

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Lola Berry’s new book  Fearlessly Failing

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