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07: Turn Your Thoughts Into a Superpower with Jason Goldberg


What are your thoughts telling you?

This week, Jackie talks with Jason Goldberg, a TEDx transformational speaker, author and award-winning entrepreneur all about the power of your thoughts and how to transform them.

Within Jason’s work he offers permission to do what you actually want to do and reminders of what is true at a deep core level for you. There are often barriers set up to stop us from doing this, but Jason offers a mindset shift to remove the shame and guilt from previous life experiences that may be holding you back.

Tune in to learn how to shift your relationship and perspective with your thoughts in order to move forward in life, practice self leadership and have more fun through it all. Jason brings his humor, joy and life experiences to this conversation, you don’t want to miss it!


  • How to practice self love with yourself everyday.
  • The three minds and which drives the majority of our actions.
  • Even when you master a craft, there will always be something new to learn.
  • How to tune in to the present moment and accept where you are.
  • Practice grace with yourself through the journey of growth.
  • Lean fully into what your gift is before turning it into a business model. 



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“The absence of self criticism is self love.” (4:13, Jason)

“Fall in live with the worst case scenario and know that you’re going to be okay, then the anxiety goes away.” (6:29, Jason)

“We’re brought into this world with a set of beliefs and some are helpful and productive and healthy and some are unhealthy and unproductive.” (15:45, Jason)

“Even though you have a level of mastery, there’s always something that you can go back to and learn new, or there’s always something you can go back and master that you didn’t quite master before.” (27:04, Jason)

“You’re exactly where you’re supposed to be right now. And you just have to listen to the next little crumb, the next little flutter.“ (27:44, Jackie)

“To notice how much joy I was robbing for myself by only celebrating myself when I got to the outcome, as opposed to saying I’m celebrating myself for going all in and playing full out and turning pro and doing all these things that are scary and edgy and uncomfortable. That’s the hero.” (41:13, Jason)

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