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Want a happy gut?

05: [Mini Dose] Small Steps to Avoid Holiday Bloat with Jackie

On the Feel Better Now Podcast, we pick a random question to answer. 

Here is a space for you to get personal with Jackie and learn more about your health, wellness, and creating the lifestyle you love. Jackie collects questions for the show and shares her answers right here.

Today’s question is all about how to avoid and reduce bloating. Jackie breaks down the functional aspects of your digestion that may be causing bloat, natural supporters to reduce bloat, and how to develop a personalized plan towards positive change.  Tune in to discover more!


  • Perspective is key to transforming how you feel about something, we need to transform our limiting beliefs about a condition or situation to productive beliefs
  • Bloating is a message from your body to investigate and understand what is going on within your body.
  • External stress implements internal stress and reduces the body’s ability to break down food.
  • 3 aspects of digestion to review to better understand what is causing you to bloat
  • The top foods to avoid that create inflammation in the body and the gut.
  • Salivation is a powerful aspect of the digestive process. 


“We consider what you would like instead of bloating, instead of discomfort, instead of pain, let’s look at how your attitude and your perspective could change.” (2:39, Jackie)

“I like to think of bloating as a beautiful message that your body’s giving you, that it needs some support.” (4:13, Jackie)

“It doesn’t seem that intuitive to do something somebody else is doing bc we have a completely different set of circumstances.” (7:15, Jackie)

“Your appetite should be celebrated.” (9:30, Jackie)

“Salivate before you start eating, it’s a good example of the digestive process starting… smell the smells, listen to the sounds, allow the brain to connect with the digestive organs is a great way to set yourself up for success (10:00, Jackie)

“It’s a really good thing to be confident and courageous enough to examine your poop.” (13:48, Jackie)

“Don’t ignore the messages, respect yourself. You are worth it. You are lovable. You matter. So take the time to explore what’s really going on for you.” (14:37, Jackie)

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