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04: The Mindset to Create An Extraordinary Life with JJ Virgin


04: The Mindset to Create An Extraordinary Life with JJ Virgin

This week, Jackie sits down with JJ Virgin, a four-time NYT best-selling author and celebrity nutritionist, triple board-certified nutrition, expert, and fitness Hall of Famer. JJ is here to share what may be preventing you from building the life of your dreams and creating relationships that truly serve you. Tune in to hear what they are and how to ditch them for good!

If you are going through challenging times, you have a choice between victimhood or empowerment. In this dynamic conversation, JJ opens up about traumatic experiences that have happened in her life and how she acted in power and built resilience as a result.

JJ and Jackie flow through a wellness conversation on all fronts, from how to create abundance in your home, and building a growth mindset to unpacking the benefits of incorporating supplements into your health practice and getting off the hobby of dieting.


  • You have the choice of who your family is. You can create the community you truly want and connection has never been easier.
  • The difference between a growth mindset (life happens for you, through you) and a fixed mindset (life happens to you, therefore you are powerless) – mindset is a muscle.
  • The mindset you can take on to create a healthy lifestyle for you and your family.
  • What’s on the end of your fork matters, the importance of real food (compared to pseudo-food)
  • How to open yourself up to asking for support and lean into your community.
  • The importance of therapeutic grade supplements in today’s environment of chemicals and stress
  • The antidiet plan: how to incorporate aspects of a diet into your life for long-term wellness.


“So much of what happens in our life is really about the relationships that we have and when you realize that that has been a choice that you have, you choose your relationship.” (6:43, JJ Virgin)

“Our reaction to anything is a choice or decision.” (10:02, JJ Virgin)

“Bad stuff is going to happen that we know for sure. Our opportunity is how we show up when it does.” (9:45, JJ Virgin)

“It’s not a matter of ‘Can I afford it?” It’s ‘can I afford not to’.” (19.47, JJ Virgin)

“People get diagnosed with different autoimmune diseases. This happens and you know what? It didn’t happen on Tuesday. It happened years ago. And there’s been warning signs all along the way, but you kept saying I’m not worth it.” (20:13, JJ Virgin)

“Supplements are like a weapon.” (23:46, Jackie)

“Exposure equals preference. Keep the enemy out of the house, keep exposing them (your children), get them involved in cooking, but eat healthily.” (29:21, JJ Virgin)

“This is the most opened subject line of all emails – you are not alone line.” (35:09, JJ Virgin)

“I think that we should be using the scale as a tool, not as a way of shaming people. And I’m amazed at how much emotion is involved in the scale. We need to look at a scale like we do a blood pressure cuff or a glucose monitor.“ (38:31, JJ Virgin)

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