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Want a happy gut?

03: Tools to Make Your Life Fabulous & Healthy with Dr. Fab


Jackie Bowker sits down with an incredible guest, Dr. Fab to discuss how to become empowered with your health. After all, part of feeling better means taking ownership over your health and wellbeing. 

Dr. Fab is America’s #1 Healthy Living Media Expert, a world-renowned Chiropractor, an international best-selling author, and a radio and podcast host. He has inspired millions as the Healthy Living expert on shows such as Dr. Fill, Fox News, and CNN and is here to share healthy tools and tips with YOU!

Health isn’t simply juice cleanses and workouts, it’s largely driven by your mental wellness and mindset. In the episode, Dr. Fab shares a personal near-death experience that ultimately offered him a unique and powerful viewpoint on life. Tune in to hear his perspective and how you can embody this type of growth mindset.

Jackie and Dr. Fab thread through many wellness topics such as goal setting, curbing burnout, building a relationship with your health care practitioners and so much more. Here is the start for you to feel better NOW!


  1. 5 steps to the Fab life Framework.
  2. Tips to practice gratitude each day.
  3. Actionable advice on how to execute your goals every day.
  4. How to protect your daily agenda from being robbed by others’ needs. 
  5. Insight to remain healthy during the COVID pandemic.
  6. How to be an equal contributor to your health plan with your doctor.


The Fab Life Podcast 



“True fulfillment of potential, true fulfillment of happiness, the true fulfillment of abundance only truly happens in service, rather than survival.” (3:38, Dr. Fab)

“Don’t be so preoccupied with what you say, focus more on how they feel when you say it.” (8:22, Dr. Fab)

“I asked them (my clients) to look at themselves in the mirrors, straight in the eyes and thank their body and tell them how beautiful they are. There’s so much resistance from a lot of us in doing that.” (16:04, Jackie)

“If your agenda is empty, then your agenda will become somebody else’s agenda.” (30:02 Dr. Fab) 

“75% of people are reporting themselves as being burnt out, enough that the world health organization has classified this as an occupational phenomenon.” (37:02, Jackie)

“I’m so passionate about elevating the standard of healthcare globally and helping people to have enough knowledge that they can have a conversation with their healthcare practitioner so that it’s an equal conversation. It’s not the practitioners guiding everything. The patient is the future doctor.” (43:36, Jackie)

“The number one and the number two reason why people are still not as healthy is the lack of proper nutrients inside the cell and the lack of physical activity.” (48:22, Dr. Fab)

“If we can empower the mom, who’s mostly the nucleus of the family, then she can impart that education to everybody around.” (52:02 Jackie)

“Don’t let your current circumstances define your destiny.” (54:18, Dr. Fab)

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