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Want a happy gut?

02: Rewrite Your Story with Marisa Peer


How can you use your life experiences to shape your destiny and have the fulfillment you desperately crave?

Meet Marisa Peer: mindset master and creator of both the I Am Enough Movement and Rapid Transformation Therapy (RTT). Marisa is here to help you do just that. 

This week, Jackie talks to Marisa about her incredibly impactful work helping people realize that they are enough exactly the way they are.

You will hear from Marisa that most of the time, your own lack of confidence and happiness begins in childhood. However, she offers a solution that you don’t want to miss!

Through Jackie and Marisa’s wisdom-driven conversation, you will learn how to rewrite stories that have been conditioned into you for decades and boost your own joy, while making your children feel good at the same time.

Marisa’s insight will help you live a life filled to the brim with self-confidence. Press play to get some of that!


  • Marisa’s childhood and how she grew her confidence.
  • Why the difference between children is something to celebrate.
  • How parents can raise the self-esteem of their kids.
  • Have the strength to overcome Tall Poppy Syndrome.
  • Rewrite the stories you tell yourself.
  • Feel loved and safe once and for all.
  • Embrace the imperfections in both yourself and others.




“You have to decide what your story is.” (4:11, Marisa)

“Your kids are supposed to be different and you have to celebrate the difference. Don’t try to make them be the same.” (12:12, Marisa)

“What really affects you about any event is the meaning you attach to it.” (32:18, Marisa)

“It doesn’t matter if you’re a size zero with a wardrobe packed with Gucci. That is not going to make you happy. Your relationships with people and feeling that you’re doing something significant is what will make you happy.” (41:05, Marisa)

”Our greatest pain is caused by the lies we tell ourselves.” (44:17, Marisa)

“If everybody woke up every day and said just these four things: I matter. I’m significant. I’m lovable. I’m enough. The world would change so much.” (45:27, Marisa)

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