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01: How To Attract The Life You Dreamed Of with Dr. Bruce Lipton


If there was ever a time to think about your life, your health, and our planet, and us as an extension of nature, it’s now. How can we tap into the power of our beliefs and use them to be loving, happy, and healthy spiritual beings?

This week, Jackie talks with Dr. Bruce Lipton, a former medical school professor and research scientist, and an internationally-recognized leader in immunology and biology.

Bruce explores, in detail, our conscious and subconscious minds, and how to use our consciousness to create harmony among our 50 trillion cells.

Jackie and Bruce chat about the founding father of quantum physics, Max Planck, who inspired him to write the books The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter, & Miracles and The Honeymoon Effect: The Science of Creating Heaven on Earth.

Tune in to dive deep on Psych-K, a simple, powerful, and effective way to transform beliefs. Bruce teaches us that knowledge is power, you are in control. The key is to own our own consciousness, which drives our biology.

Enjoy this transformational interview with the Dr. Bruce Lipton, a loving, hilarious, totally huggable storyteller who unleashes the power of consciousness, matter, and minds.


●  How Bruce came to believe in love instead of violence by studying cells

●  The difference between the conscious and the unconscious mind

●  How to reprogram your subconscious using the power of energy psychology

●  Why falling in love and existing in the honeymoon effect is the same as taking the “red pill” in the Matrix

●  How Psych-K changed Bruce’s life… and how it can change yours, too

●  How consciousness can create and eliminate cancer

●  How being in a constant state of stress diminishes our health




“People think that as you go down and down and down there’s less intelligence. My return joke about it is: ‘The cells created us.’ We’re an expression of cellular harmony and cellular intelligence and cellular community.” (3:35, Bruce)

“Quantum physics starts with you as the creator.” (9:10, Bruce)

“Thinking is an inside job. The moment I start thinking, my subconscious program is the autopilot. It steps in and takes over.” (14:39, Bruce)

“Every one of us, every day, are playing programs not from our conscious mind, but from the subconscious that we downloaded from other people so that they’re not even our wishes and desires. They’re just programs from others. […] You’re not creating the life you want. Your subconscious program is creating the life that it’s been programmed to create.” (17:27, Bruce)

“‘The brain translates your thoughts into complementary chemistry. A positive, loving thought releases loving chemistry in your brain. (29:46, Bruce)

“Consciousness is what created the cancer, and the change in consciousness is what eliminated the cancer. (46:43, Bruce)

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