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Why am I so Tired?

Why am I so Tired?

Why am I so tired? Do you find yourself asking this question on a daily basis too? Do you know if you type ‘why am i…’ into google it will automatically populate with ‘why am i so tired’. That is not OK with me! 

There are so many reasons why people, especially women, feel so exhausted. Perhaps it’s your body telling you that you haven’t slept enough, or that you haven’t eaten well and your body isn’t feeling nourished. Maybe your relationships, including the ones at work, aren’t nurturing you anymore and leave you feeling drained. Perhaps you just need some ‘me- time’ doing something that will spark joy.

Having a strong, happy, energised body and mind is a game changer. Once you have it, you will see how easy it is to live your best life to its absolute fullest. Who wants to settle for ‘just getting by’? Not me!! Investing your time and energy into taking care of your whole self – mind, body and spirit  – will see a return in your investment with abundant  energy and vitality. It will enhance all aspects of your life and in the lives around you. Doesn’t that sound like something worth investing in?


  1. Hydration – Improving hydration helps deliver nutrients to our cells, keeping them energised. It keeps our organs working properly, our joints lubricated, and keeps our skin plump!! Yes please!
  2. Whole foods and an anti-inflammatory diet – Eating wonderfully nutritious foods, just as nature intended and avoiding foods that can produce inflammation such as gluten, will help maintain a healthy gut health. This has this lovely flow-on effect to help nourish our bodies and cells while improving our quality of sleep, moods and energy!
  3. Sleep! –  Getting enough restorative sleep is paramount. It is the time when the body and mind recharges, restores and regenerates, leaving you feeling alert and refreshed – doesn’t that sound devine?!?! Importantly, sleep helps us maintain a healthy immune system and healthy brain function.   

If you need help getting your mojo back, reach out to us here. We would love to help!

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