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The Energy Reset

This 5-day Energy Reset is your shortcut to feeling better fast. Over 5 days, you’ll change what you eat to regain your energy naturally.
Use this plan to reset your energy whenever you need a pick-me-up. Like, after a big few days at the office, or after the school holidays!
If you need to bounce back, the Energy Reset is your go-to.


Five days of delicious, one-bowl energy-boosting meals and recipes

5-minute Toning Workout and 5-minute re-balancing meditation 

Positive Affirmations Guide to ease you into a better mindset

Your Daily Wellness Routine Checklist to keep you on track. 

This plan brings together several little “tools” (diet, exercise and mindset) that combine to make a big difference to your energy. 

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"Day 9. I have lost 12cm & 2.7kg. Feeling fantastic. Loving the food & not missing anything! 🌟 I can’t remember the last time I felt this good."


"Absolutely loved Jackie’s program! My partner and I felt amazing after it, and it has changed our eating habits for the better even to this day, months and months later."

- Sarah

"The BEST news, is I can feel I'm losing my bloat. My pants so comfortable now!"

- Jane

"Today I feel - no aching joints, satisfied when I eat, confident with my hunger cues. My taste buds have changed and I crave food my stomach and body wants."

- emma

Feel Better Program

Do you want to feel (and look) better than you did in your 20's? 
Everything that's in the Silver, with the addition of your own high performance coach in your personalized, functional nutrition program to rebuild you at a biochemical and spiritual level so you feel better.


Advanced testing - We go deeper with comprehensive lab testing via the D.N.A. Stool Test to get to the bottom of what is going on for you. This test includes the quality of your gut lining, if you are actually digesting your food and inflammation. We look at your gut flora - friendly and unfriendly and what needs to be rebalanced. This test can determine inflammatory markers which can identify cancer markers well ahead of you seeing any symptoms. It's an invaluable test!
Deep investigation - We take the time to analyze your history, lifestyle, symptoms to provide a thorough view and way forward.
Assessment methods - We use pioneering, integrative assessment methods to analyze your history, lifestyle, symptoms and provide a thorough view of what's going on for you via a digital recording.
We value your time - we spend hours interpreting your results ahead of time so you come to the appointment already knowing what's going on for you. This way the appointments are focused on the plan and are efficient, FUN and productive.
We provide a personalized plan to balance your whole body. Your situation is different to the next person. This requires a personalized diet, lifestyle and supplement recommendations.
You never feel alone - your holistic Feel Better care team are always here to support you along the journey to feeling better again!

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