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Want a happy gut?
Do you know what’s in your supplements? – This will shock you!

Do you know what’s in your supplements? – This will shock you!

All about supplements and gut health

Did you know that soy and gluten can often be found in over-the-counter supplements? So, if you are suffering from gut health issues or sensitivities, taking those supplements can be harmful, not helpful. Am I the only one that thinks that is crazy?!?!!? Plus, they often only contain a small amount of active ingredients (if any at all), and you may need to take copious amounts of it just to get little, if any, benefit at all. What a waste of time and money! Who wants to do that?

Supplements are like weapons to have in your ‘healing arsenal’, a way to elevate your health and to help rehabilitate the body and bring it back into balance while nutrition, lifestyle and mindset changes are being implemented. But quality (and I can’t stress this enough) is paramount!!

I only recommend (and use myself), practitioner grade supplements because they undergo rigorous testing that ensure all the ingredients are both safe and efficacious. Your health is worth it! YOU are worth it, don’t you agree?  

The practitioners at the Global Feel Better Institute recommend Designs for Health as our go-to practitioner-only brand. Their formulations and ingredients are of exceptional quality and are evidence based and scientifically validated. If you want to have access to this superior range click here. If you would like to work with a practitioner to guide you through your supplementation needs, click here, we’d love to help

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