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Want a happy gut?

47: How To Get Glowing Skin: The Gut – Skin Connection with Jackie Bowker


Bacteria manages everything in your body, and your skin is no different.

This week, Jackie explains the connection between the gut and acne. Pimples drastically affect body confidence, but the good news is that they are a clear symptom that can let you know something needs to be shifted in the microbiome.

Jackie will walk you through a case study of a recent patient who struggles with acne and how she helped him clear his skin through the power of diet. She’ll explain the importance of eating real foods and what you should incorporate into your diet.

With only small changes, you can cultivate smooth and shiny skin and stop being embarrassed once and for all! 


  • The connection between skin and the gut.
  • Why managing your bacteria is so important. 
  • What a leaky gut is.
  • Why you should cut fake foods out of your diet.
  • How gut health improves intuition. 


“There is a reason that we get pimples and they can be hormonal, but a lot of the time they can also be related to the gut.” (2:49, Jackie)

“When we take the fuel off the fire, when we take the inflammatory foods out of the diet, we allow the body the space to heal.” (10:57, Jackie)

“Whether you’re a leader at business or at home, we need you to have energy and vitality. I want the children of our future to have the energy and vitality to get through the day.” (11:59, Jackie)


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