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Want a happy gut?

35: How To Reduce Chemicals & Toxins In Your Home with Jackie Bowker


Are you exposing yourself to toxins?

In the second part of this Q&A episode, Jackie will teach you how to reduce chemicals and toxins in your home.

You’ll learn how they affect your health, and she’ll give you her recommendations for her favorite nontoxic products that she uses herself. 

With just a few changes to the products you use every day, you can live a healthy and long life. 


  • Why you should replace your toxic products.
  • Jackie’s favorite nontoxic brands.
  • The reason you might not need multiple cleaners.
  • How you’re conditioned to enjoy the smell of chemicals.
  • The negative effects of chemicals on the skin.
  • Making your own products.


“The more demand there is for toxin-free products, the more we’ll have a supply of them and the cost will come down.” (12:15, Jackie)

“I only want cleaning products in my house that I know I could essentially ingest.” (13:47, Jackie)

“There’s cleaners for everything these days. So you don’t need a cleaner for this and a cleaner for that.” (15:40, Jackie)

“The toxic cleaners to clean your clothes, they’re perfumed. So we’ve actually been conditioned to enjoy the smell. (16:49, Jackie)

“We can provide our children with the knowledge that they are empowered and that we can have a future if we protect ourselves and our environment.” (18:11, Jackie)

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