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Genetics vs Beliefs – Unleash your superpowers!

Genetics vs Beliefs – Unleash your superpowers!

‘The moment you change your perception is the moment you rewrite the chemistry of your body’. Powerful words don’t you agree? They are written by Bruce Lipton, Cellular Biologist and author of The Biology of Belief. He says that science is now showing us that ‘we are not victims of our genes, but masters of our fate, able to create lives overflowing with peace, happiness and love’. Truly inspiring stuff!!! 

This is great news. Science is continually showing us that our environment and more specifically, our perception and view of our environment and experiences, directly controls our behaviour and the activity of our genes. And since our perceptions may be accurate or inaccurate, we can refer to them as beliefs. So rather than just our genetic make-up, it is our beliefs and thoughts that control our biology.  This concept is huge,  and it leads us to a future of hope because it puts us back in control. Just take a moment or two to soak this concept up and be a part of you!

So let me ask you this. Are you aware of any beliefs, or self limiting beliefs you may have around your life or your health? Do you believe you’re never going to be able to look the way you want, get your perfect job, meet the partner of your dreams, have the skin you want, the energy you want, the gut health you want, the abs you want or even the confidence you want? Get the mental health you want? Can you see how you may unknowingly be the victim of your limiting beliefs.

This shift in mindset is transformational. I’ve seen it in hundreds of clients. It will help you work smarter, not harder in terms of getting what you want from your health goals. Conditioning yourself to your new beliefs means creating what you want for yourself in your mind, visualising the results you want to achieve.


  1. Take some time to write down any limiting beliefs you have about your life, relationships, career, appearance, health – because awareness is the first step to change. Start with the biggies if there is more than one.
  2. Recognise that this is just a belief – it is not fact!
  3. Challenge your belief – is this belief helping me to progress towards my goals? Is this belief holding me back? Is this belief serving me or am I a slave to it? What would it be like to think the opposite to this belief? What are the consequences of holding on to this limiting belief?
  4. Adopt a new belief – think about what you want. This transformational thinking isn’t always easy especially if the limiting belief has been deep set for a long period of time. You will need to have the courage to make that change in your thought pattern and replace it with the new belief. You can absolutely do it – you are stronger than you know!!!
  5. Finally, you need to put it into practice. Write your new belief on a piece of paper and put it in a place that you look at often – on your car dashboard, a sticky note on your computer screen or mirror. Say the new belief to yourself outloud, with conviction and then take action. If the old limiting belief was ‘I’m always too tired to exercise’, replace it with the ‘I always have an abundance of energy’ belief and then, today, go for a 10 minute walk to start exercising and build a habit from there. 

Once you put these steps into practice daily, they will become routine and you will realise that you can lead the life that you desire and have the relationships and health you deserve. If you need help and support to challenge your limiting beliefs, our trained Functional Medicine Practitioners and Health Coaches would love to help. Click here to connect with us.

To learn more about Bruce Lipton, PhD and his fascinating research click here.

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