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Want a happy gut?
6 Foundational Supplements to SUPERCHARGE your health

6 Foundational Supplements to SUPERCHARGE your health

There are so many different supplements on the market. Are you confused about which ones you should be taking each day to ensure optimal health?

Here’s a few to consider and why they top my list:


Supports cardiovascular health

Essential for brain health, mood and memory

Nourishes the skin – amazing!

Reduces inflammation

Supports healthy joints

Improves immune system health

Supports a healthy stress response

OmegAvail TG1000


Supports healthy bones and bones mineralisation

Supports arterial health and cardiovascular health

Assists calcium metabolism

Supports general health and wellbeing

K2 Supreme


Improves energy!! Yes please!!

Supports your heart

Is a strong antioxidant, reducing cellular damage



Improves energy production!!

Reduces muscle spasms and cramps

Assists with strong healthy bones

Maintains carbohydrate metabolism

Improves sleep

Balances electrolyte balance

Supports nerve health….what doesn’t this magnificent mineral do????

Tri Mag Supreme 120 caps


Keeps your immune system strong

Maintains strong healthy bones

Supports healthy teeth

Helps keep your muscles happy

Liposomal D3


Corrects and helps prevent dietary deficiency of iron

Maintains blood health

Supports a healthy immune system

Ferro Supreme

Maintaining a healthy diet, good sleep hygiene and an exercise regime is always the best start to optimal health. However, when you and your body are under stress, whether it is due to illness or increased demands, supplementation may be of assistance. But as always, quality is key!!!! I always recommend practitioner grade supplements as they use superior ingredients and delivery technology, and importantly, efficacious dosing. We supply them in our shop, click here to learn more.

If you want to work with a functional practitioner to help identify your specific needs, improve your health outcomes and receive the best support possible then connect with us here.

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