We, here at the Global Feel Better Institute are on a mission to help 1 million women feel better, naturally. If you're operating from a place of exhaustion, like I was, you don't need to feel like this anymore. The world needs you to feel better so you can live the life you were supposed to (as opposed to dragging yourself around). But it's up to YOU to take action. Will you join me?

About Us

Did you know there are OVER 100,000 searches every month for THE PHRASE
'why am i so tired?

We work with women who:

Who we help

We work with health practitioners who:

Are exhausted and struggle to find the energy to make it through the day

Want to bounce out of bed (yes, that's possible!), so you can show up fully for yourself, work, family and friends

Are tired of the highs and lows of sugar crashes, bloating, hormone and gut stuff 

Want to stop being grumpy, moody or emotional for no good reason (when everybody and everything annoys you...)

Have finally realized that investing in your own health means you have more to give to everybody else. You are worth it!

Want to grow your practice so you deliver programs that deliver results and endless referrals

Are motivated to create packages and how to sell them

Want to learn a unique system and be in a safe place to be practise and implement feedback

Want access to high performance coaches and a community of holistic practitioners committed to bettering themselves

Are committed to creating sustainable behavior change with your clients 

Our Framework

Our programs, training and coaching are based on our unique Feel Better Process & the 7 Feel Better Factors.

1. Feelings and emotions (e.g. sad, mad, bad)

2. Belief (e.g. imposter syndrome, self sabotage)

3. Eating (e.g. nutrition, weight, gut health)

4. Tension (e.g. stress & burnout)

5. Toxicity (e.g. environmental hazards & toxins)

6. Energy (e.g. vitality, movement, sleep)

7. Relationships (eg at home, online, at work & in public)

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The Feel
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The Feel Better  Program

12-week personalized
holistic program

How We Help

Access everything you need to feel better so you can do better, look better and be better in your health, in your career and in your relationships.

How It All Started

ceo Global Feel Better Institute 

7 years ago I became weak, so tired I could barely get out of bed and make it through the day. Over the next few years I became more fatigued, beginning to have trouble with brain fog, my gut and hormones, my sleep, memory, moods, weight. It was a frightening future. 

The doctors diagnosed me with two viruses and said, this is unfortunate, you’ll have to take time off from work until you recover. That’s your only option. 

I read the basic science and became experimenting on myself, and slowly, the speed of the decline slowed. I designed a paleo, anti inflammatory diet, discovered functional nutrition and rebuilt my gut, brain and hormones based on the science I’ve been studying. 

Over the next few years, I removed outdated, unhealthy beliefs and redesigned my internal programming to get the life I actually wanted. 

Over time I was able to chase my kids around again, stay awake after 7pm, my energy slumps went away and for the first time in what seems like a lifetime I have better energy than I did 20 years ago. 

Jackie Bowker

All of this, of course has tranformed how i think about disease and the focus of my research. 

Now, I have launched a world-class functional nutrition and health & spiritual coaching virtual clinic. I’ve made it my mission to teach other women the principles to feel better. 

You’ll be able to implement these concepts that I've used to transform my life and the lives of my clients in our clinical practice. It is a gift to go to the park again, it is a gift to bike again.

I would like you to know that all of that is possible for me now and we will teach you how to get your energy back too. You have much more control than you realise over your future. 

This can be the beginning of a miraculous transformation for you.  

This is a movement, a mission, a community, a call to arms. I want to share this information with the world, and spark a revolution in the way we approach health. I want you to invite your friends, family and coworkers to come on this journey with us. 

And I would love you to join me in discovering the tools that you need to look after yourself in a deeper way, and feel better fast in your health and your body -- so you can show up better in your career, in your relationships, and build yourself and your family a better future.


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Lynette is a naturopath with over 20 years experience in the natural health industry including private practice, as a practitioner consultant for health companies and as a Practitioner Health Educator. As a busy working mum of 3 children, Lynette understands the complexities and importance around navigating a balanced life that puts your health on top of the priority list. She believes in a science-based natural healthcare approach and is passionate about helping you achieve your health goals.



As an experienced naturopath and health coach, Lee is passionate about creating a safe and supportive space for women to honor their needs, achieve their goals and implement positive and healthy choices.
Lee's journey and complete recovery from 3 years of 'exhausted mom syndrome' has gifted her with compassion and understanding for the complexities of modern family life. She will work with you to create a customized action plan to help you move towards living your BEST LIFE.
Lee brings a healing presence to her work through deep listening and loving-kindness. She credits her zest for life to living intentionally, making space for self love (and a few choice supplements:)



Theresa Depasquale helps busy entrepreneurs grow their brands on social media. 

With over 10 years of experience, she’s mastered the art of online branding and social media strategy and has become the go-to for many high-level clients and companies providing one-on-one consulting and management programs to help them successfully grow their reach, credibility and sales on social media. 



Adam has a deep passion for women's health and brings his studies of psychology, human behaviour and brain neuroplasticity into his coaching to empower and inspire healthy permanent change. 

He loves working in partnership with other health professionals to achieve lasting health in both body and mind and has a unique ability to see deep below the surface level of what is really going on to help women achieve the robust physical and mental they desire.

He is very engaging and compassionate when you speak to him from his base in rural Victoria and is always looking for new ways for women to reclaim and own their health and their future.