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3 Summer Smoothies to Makeover Your Mornings

3 Summer Smoothies to Makeover Your Mornings

If you’re looking for summer smoothie recipes to take advantage of the bounty of those hot days, it’s a great idea to start with fresh and frozen berries. Depending on what your blender can manage, frozen fruits can keep your smoothie ice cold while you blend in greens, protein powder, and yogurt. There are enough recipes to serve a variety of needs. Review your personal fitness, wellness, and weight loss goals to create your smoothie shopping list.


Berries offer plenty of sweetness and are loaded with antioxidants. If you love creamier smoothies but want to try a vegan option, the almond berry smoothie is a great start. Be aware that most vegan smoothies use bananas, almond butter, and nut milk for creaminess. If you are at risk of an allergic reaction to any tree nuts, vegan smoothies can be risky. For those stopping at a smoothie bar for a treat, be certain to ask about tree nut exposure.

There are many fruit and vegan protein powders that can be a bit scratchy in the drinking. Consider reducing the amount of citrus in each smoothie to reduce irritation with fresh mango, peach, or nectarine smoothies. Another soothing addition is oatmeal, or oatmeal blended with yogurt if dairy works for you.

To stretch out the sweet flavor of a fruit smoothie into something that will fill you up until you’re ready for a healthy lunch, consider preparing a strawberry-banana smoothie that’s accompanied with fresh, silken tofu. You can also add Kinako to the blend, a Japanese supplement that is loaded with protein and slow to digest. You can turn your smoothie into a hearty meal with these two products.


Smoothies for weight loss really need to be both energizing and filling for best results. You can come up with variations on your favorite berry smoothie, and you can build smoothies around veggies as well as your favorite fruit.

For example, you can bulk up your smoothies with a combination of zucchini and avocado to increase the filling factor without increasing the sugar bump that may leave you feeling sleepy and tired.

You can also boost the feeling of fullness with leafy greens. This super green smoothie pairs bananas with spinach for a smoothie that will fuel your whole morning. For those trying to lower their carb intake early in the day, a fruit-free smoothie, which pairs frozen cauliflower with vanilla protein powder, is also a lovely option. Best of all, this pale and pretty smoothie features a decent dose of cinnamon, which can easily turn a savory into a sweet and give your smoothie a lovely scent.


If you enjoy a smoothie in the morning and are working to reduce your coffee intake, making your morning smoothie with a bit of matcha may help you slowly wean yourself away from the edginess of coffee. For those who find matcha too bitter, using coconut milk can boost the sweetness of the frozen fruit. Raspberries, blueberries, and mango can all do a lot to sweeten up this drink as well.

For those trying to reduce their intake of high-fat meats or just do a little detoxing, a simple four-ingredient power-packed smoothie may be just the jolt your day needs to get going in the right direction. All you need is water, a banana, fresh spinach, and spirulina powder. This single-serving smoothie is low in fat and loaded with nutritional benefits.

There are many who are left unsatisfied by smoothies. If you find that yourself getting hungrier sooner than you did with a regular breakfast, it may be time to get away from a full-fruit smoothie and boost your blend with veggies. The almond cinnamon bowl smoothie is a terrific base for your favorite granola and a sprinkling of your favorite berries. This is also a great smoothie to help you transition from summer to autumn.

Smoothies only look like a milkshake. These nutritionally dense beverages can do a lot to give you a full tummy, help you lose weight, better manage your blood sugar and improve your outlook. Start the day with a summer smoothie and create a routine of optimum health as you head into the winter season.

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