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Want a happy gut?

Liposomal Methyl B12

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Bioavailable Methyl B12 using liposomal technology for superior absorption and delivery

Liposomal Methyl B12 offers 500mcg of methylcobalamin, which is the activated form of vitamin B12, for enhanced bioavailability.* B12 may assist energy levels, relieves fatigue and helps maintain nervous system and immune system function.*

Liposomal delivery bypasses proteolytic degradation in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract and is uniquely effective for reaching and interacting with target tissues. Thus, this technology helps to overcome the absorption challenges typically faced with oral B12 supplementation.

  • Provides 500 mcg of Methyl B12 (mecobalamin) per 1 spray
  • Liposomal delivery system
  • Assists in decreasing homocysteine levels when dietary intake is inadequate
  • Supports energy levels
  • Maintains nervous system function
  • Maintains immune system function
  • Relieves fatigue


Mecobalamin (co-methylcobalamin) (Methyl Vitamin B12) 500 micrograms

Excipients: Lecithin, Water, Glycerol, Ethanol, Mixed Tocopherols concentrate (high alpha type), Tocofersolan