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Want a happy gut?

Gut, Sleep & Mood Super Bundle

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The Gut, Sleep & Mood Supplement Bundle has been carefully curated to provide support to your body especially in times of stress and in times of high energy demands. It contains products that work synergistically to support healthy adrenals, a healthy digestive system, sleep and connective tissue support.

1. Whole-Body Collagen - connective tissue support
2. TriGandha - adrenal support for times of stress 
3. Gi Revive - supports healthy gastrointestinal health & function
4. Probiospore - supports healthy gastrointestinal health & function
5. Tri-Mag Supreme 60- supports sleep and hormones

6. Tri-Mag Restful Night Lemon Lemonade 210g- promotes restorative sleep

7. Ubiq-Evail - Supports energy production and energy levels!

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