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Want a happy gut?

Look & feel great for the holidays.


I will be live daily for 45 minutes.
Will you join me? 
OCTOBER 24-26, 2022 (Australia)
OCTOBER 23-25, 2022 (USA)First Name

CEO of the Global Feel Better Institute


Hi, I'm Jackie Bowker

Over the last 10 years I've helped depleted men and women regain their energy, recharge their batteries and maintain optimal energy every day.  

I'm a two-time Master degree qualified Functional Nutritionist trained by the most accomplished holistic practitioners globally. I combine psycho-linguistics with functional medicine principles to create new patterns, and new triggers, breaking old patterns and old behaviors that have kept you stuck. 

I've been successful where others haven't. Partly because I had to struggle through it myself - I get you because I've felt the same way. If you're someone that struggles with low energy and managing your weight I get you because I've felt the same way.

I leveraged the proven science of functional medicine and psycholinguistics to develop a unique mind-body system that allows people to reclaim their energy faster than traditional methods.

You may have tried to hack your sleep, your diet, your metabolism or even your blood sugar. Those things can produce results. Problem is, they're not always sustainable because all you've done is put a bandaid on the problem. You haven't addressed the root cause that drove you to eat poorly, sleep poorly and drain your energy that's set you up for failure.

Let me be your guide and share my proven system with you. 

Do any of these people sound like you?

It's been fantastic, I haven't had this much energy, probably forever. All breakfast options were great. I loved the idea of dinner becomes next days lunch. Favourite dinner was nourish bowl as the kids really got involved. Honestly wasn’t sure what results to expect but I am sleeping better, feel great and my skin is glowing. Can’t ask for much more!


Finally back in the 60’s! So I went from 74.5kg to 69.5kg in the first 2 weeks and another 1.6kg in the next 2 weeks. So that’s 6.6kg in just under 4 weeks! Your support and inspiration is everything! I am so glad I did this. Recipe rotation and cooking things I never usually would has been awesome. So this is for life now and I don’t plan on going back!!


Jackie's plan literally changed our body shapes, stopped snoring and congestion, found and solved gut issues we didn’t know existed and changed the way we thought about food, nutrition and supplements. Our two young children saw a great improvement in their immunity, digestion skin irritations and overall health. I couldn’t recommend Jackie and the team more highly.


Frequently Asked Questions

What if I'm busy?

I'm hoping you're not too busy to sign up and be delivered a free plan that will help you save time and money. If you're not willing to do that, this is definitely not for you. 

Can our whole family do this?

Absolutely! Your whole family better do it because if they don't, they won't be able to keep up with you. ;o)

Do I have to eat some goofy diet for this to work?

Nope. You get to eat the best tasting food you've ever had. Regardless of your food preference, guaranteed. You'll be shocked at how good my good my recipes taste, how full and energized you feel after eating them and how easy they were to make. 

Does eating this way cost more?

Real food costs more than cheap, processed food, initially. However, in addition to it costing less in the long run, because you won't need all those expensive medical bills, I teach you tips to save money whilst nourishing your body. Most people eat less, when their foods are nutrient rich dense and satiating. Yeah, two burgers at McDonald's might be less expensive, but if I show you how to eat nourishing meals with good quality protein, fats  and fibre, you will look and feel amazing.