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Want a happy gut?
Heal your Gut

Join the Ultimate Gut & Energy Reset

Create all day energy with great gut health so you feel better fast in just a few minutes a day. Figure out exactly what works to heal your gut and boost your personal energy levels.

This is your Primary Heading

  • 01 Waking up every morning with energy, ready to attack the day! And feeling more invigorated for the rest of your day!
  • 02 Eating breakfast, lunch, or dinner and not having bloating, gas or diarrhea! Not worrying where the bathrooms are were you travel.
  • 03 Kicking the cravings, so you can sit down and being able to stay focused on a task without procastinating.

Healing your gut and increasing your energy is easy, once you find out what works for you.

We've all seen it before. The individual who, maybe like you starts to run down but they grab a certain bar or beverage or even take a certain supplement. And as if by magic, their energy comes back. But not for you. You've tried all of these crutches and none of them work for you. Why? You haven't done what's right to transform your personal energy levels.

Using our proven system, you can completely heal your gut, get your energy back, recharge your batteries, and sustain peak performance longer than you ever dreamed possible. Simply commit a few minutes a day following this easy, proven program. I'll support you every step of the way.


Here’s how the Ultimate Gut & Energy Reset will make 2022 your best year yet!


Eat right for your type

Don't worry, you don't need to be a chef, buy strange foods or slave over the stove. These simple easy meal plans, recipes and shopping lists will give you delicious energizing foods that you'll crave without gaining weight. Leaving you feeling full and satiated every time.


Your guided plan

If you're a quick start like me, don't worry. In as little as two minutes, I will give you exactly what to do each day. I take 95% of the work out of it for you. You don't need to spend hours of study and doing work. Small simple, easily achievable commitments make all the difference.


Find out what works for you, so you get results

Week we'll meet for just a few minutes by audio or if you're a reader you can scan. (You could do this standing in line for for your coffee.) Everything you need will be there for you to go deeper on this journey to understand the potential triggers that inflame your gut and steal your energy every day.


Hi, I’m Jackie Bowker

Over the last 10 years I've helped depleted men and women solve sometimes the most impossible of health problems - heal their gut and hormones, regain their energy, recharge their batteries and maintain optimal energy every day.

I'm a two-time Master degree qualified Functional Nutritionist trained by the most accomplished holistic practitioners globally. I combine psycho-linguistics with functional medicine principles to create new patterns, and new triggers, breaking old patterns and old behaviors that have kept you stuck.

I've been successful where others haven't. Partly because I had to struggle through it myself - I get you because I've felt the same way. If you're someone that struggles with low energy and managing your weight I get you because I've felt the same way.

I leveraged the proven science of functional medicine and psycholinguistics to develop a unique mind-body system that allows people to reclaim their energy faster than traditional methods.

You may have tried to hack your sleep, your diet, your metabolism or even your blood sugar. Those things can produce results. Problem is, they're not always sustainable because all you've done is put a bandaid on the problem. You haven't addressed the root cause that drove you to eat poorly, sleep poorly and drain your energy that's set you up for failure.

Let me be your guide and share my proven system with you.


Just like these incredible clients

The protocol Jackie created for us, guided by what our bodies were craving, literally changed our body shapes, stopped snoring and congestion, found and solved gut issues we didn’t know existed and changed the way we thought about food, nutrition and supplements.

Phoebe Learning Development Manager

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The Ultimate Gut & Hormone Reset may be for you if...

  • you are often exhausted, wake up tired with no energy to get through the day and can't wait to get to your coffee just to get the the jolt you need to get your day started.
  • you know your gut is just not right. But you're confused and overwhelmed about what to do about it.
  • brain brain fog is a common thing. Your boss or coworkers challenge you at work and you're at a loss for certain words and you feel forgetful.
  • you start eating a normal meal and when you're done, you're still not full and can't stop eating. You have cravings that you can't help but give in to... and then feel guilty as a result

So... here’s how to get started

  • 01 Click 'I am ready to reset count me in' button below and sign up for the program.
  • 02 Join the program and complete the assessment. Watch the welcome video, download the plan.
  • 03 Listen to the brief audios, follow the plan and you'll get the results. Guaranteed.

I invite you to join our:

Ultimate Gut & Hormone Reset Online

3 phase proven plan to reset your gut & balance your hormones

6 Weeks of structured Functional Nutritionist designed meal plans, recipes & grocery lists ($900 VALUE)

Weekly brief, audio lessons on how to balance your gut and hormones that you can listen to anywhere, anytime ($900 VALUE)

Access to ongoing support and accountability in a private, intimate Facebook Group (PRICELESS)

$1,800 value

Choose your payment preference:
All payments are in AUD
Most Popular

Ultimate Gut & Hormone Reset VIP

Everything in the Ultimate Gut & Energy Reset Online Program PLUS:

6 weekly group coaching calls (you are 85% more likely to be successful if you're accountable to somebody) ($1,800 VALUE)

Access to continued support with an additional 6 weeks of weekly group coaching ($1800 VALUE)

Additional 6 weeks of Structured Functional Nutritionist designed meal plans, recipes & shopping lists. ($900 VALUE)

BONUS: Gut profiling DNA stool test & analysis ($1,997 VALUE)

$6,497 value

Choose your payment preference:
All payments are in AUD

This is for you if:

If your lack of energy is hurting your relationship

Your lack of energy is putting you at risk at work

You are over having stomach pain, bloating and gass hold you back from your greatness

It’s probably not for you if:

All you do is complain about your problem but never take action

You won’t dedicate time each day and follow a plan

You would prefer to self medicate with caffeine or other stimulants rather than do the work required to become healthy

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I’m busy?

If you're too busy to take tiny action steps and to follow a meal plan, this is definitely not for you.

Can our whole family do this?

Your whole family better do it because if they don't, they won't be able to keep up with you.

Do I have to eat some goofy diet for this to work?

Nope. You get to eat the best tasting food you've ever had. Regardless of your food preference, guaranteed. You'll be shocked at how good my good my recipes taste, how full and energized you feel after eating them and how easy they were to make.

Does eating this way cost more?

Nope. Absolutely not. In addition to costing less in the long run, you won't need all those expensive medical bills. Right? Most people eat less, when their foods are nutrient rich dense and satiating. Yeah, two burgers at McDonald's might be less expensive, but if I give you one beautiful grass-fed fillet, you just had 180 calories with 19 grams of protein and will feel like a million bucks.

If after 6 Weeks you don't have measurably more energy, let me know and I'll refund 100% of your money. No questions asked.(But it never, ever happens)

I'm here.

You want to get your gut performing well and boost your energy? Following my plan can give it to you, guaranteed. You have nothing to lose. I'm taking all the risk. Let's start now. So you can have energy