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Want a happy gut?

FREE Gut & Nutrition Masterclass

For people who want to turn back the clock, look, feel & be amazing, discover ways to build lifelong health and vitality & operate at your peak performance.

Nov 26 AUS: 10am - 2pm AEDT (Mel/Syd)
Nov 25 USA: 3pm - 7pm PT

The Gut Health & Nutrition Masterclass is for you if...

  • you are curious as to how to use your health as a weapon for peak performance and increased wealth in your life.
  • you are often exhausted, irritated, wake up tired with no energy to get through the day and can't wait for your coffee jolt to be able to function.
  • your gut health needs an upgrade. You're sick and tired of feeling bloated, puffy with smelly gas and not so normal poops.
  • you want easy, nutrition and lifestyle tips so you can focus, without the brain fog, sleep through the night and fit into your favourite clothes!

What our clients are saying:


Highest conversion rate in the last 2 years.

I have now fallen back in love with my business, I have so much more passion, energy and drive... and what has happened in just this short time is I have lost 3 kilograms.



Just 4 days later, I feel so much better.

I sleep better, I am not awake all night, or running constantly to the bathroom, I feel less pain. I am super grateful for meeting Jackie

- Lise


Jackie provides you with hope, and she also provides you with healing

I went from having extreme bloating and feeling really uncomfortable… to no pain, no gas and no pressure… I feel great!

- Dana


I noticed the change immediately

Mindblowing would be the underestimating way to put it. Anything from making my fingertip go from completely puffed up with sea urchin porcupine cues with venom in them, for the swelling to go down. I don't know how, but I believe! She did a more intense session with some things in my own life that we all have. I'm just super grateful, I noticed the change immediately.

- Dr, Chris

CEO of the Global Feel Better Institute


Hi, I'm Jackie Bowker

Over the last 10 years I've helped depleted men and women regain their energy, recharge their batteries and maintain optimal energy every day.  

I'm a two-time Master degree qualified Functional Nutritionist trained by the most accomplished holistic practitioners globally. I combine energy psychology with functional medicine principles to create new patterns, and new triggers, breaking old patterns and old behaviors that have kept you stuck. 

I've been successful where others haven't. Partly because I had to struggle through it myself - I get you because I've felt the same way. If you're someone that struggles with low energy and managing your weight I get you because I've felt the same way.

I leveraged the proven science of functional medicine and energy psychology to develop a unique mind-body system that allows people to reclaim their energy and operate at their peak, faster than traditional methods.

You may have tried to hack your sleep, your gut health, your diet, your metabolism or even your blood sugar. Those things can produce results. Problem is, they're not always sustainable because all you've done is put a bandaid on the problem. You haven't addressed the root cause that drove you to eat poorly, sleep poorly, send your hormones out of whack and drain your energy that's set you up for failure.

Do any of these people sound like you?

It's been fantastic, I haven't had this much energy, probably forever. All breakfast options were great. I loved the idea of dinner becomes next days lunch. Favourite dinner was nourish bowl as the kids really got involved. Honestly wasn’t sure what results to expect but I am sleeping better, feel great and my skin is glowing. Can’t ask for much more!


Finally back in the 60’s! So I went from 74.5kg to 69.5kg in the first 2 weeks and another 1.6kg in the next 2 weeks. So that’s 6.6kg in just under 4 weeks! Your support and inspiration is everything! I am so glad I did this. Recipe rotation and cooking things I never usually would has been awesome. So this is for life now and I don’t plan on going back!!


Jackie's plan literally changed our body shapes, stopped snoring and congestion, found and solved gut issues we didn’t know existed and changed the way we thought about food, nutrition and supplements. Our two young children saw a great improvement in their immunity, digestion skin irritations and overall health. I couldn’t recommend Jackie and the team more highly.


Her method works 100%!

I can’t recommend Jackie Bowker highly enough! I would not waste my money or time with other practitioners who are just guessing what’s wrong with you. Jackie gets to the root cause of the problem and gives you the right diet recommendations and supplements to fix your health issue. I’m so pleased I finally found you JB. Thank you. 


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

The Masterclass is FREE!! Why? The world needs more people thriving, serving others & sharing the special gifts that only you have.

Can our whole family do this?

Absolutely! Your whole family can join in on the Masterclass - it makes it so much easier if everyone is on the same page!

What time does it start?

It will start on the 26th of November at 10am AEDT Mel/Syd Australia (25/11/22 at 3pm PT USA).  We will have some breaks throughout to support your learning. 

Do I have to attend live?

You do not have to attend live, but you will WANT to attend live to get the best results. When you attend live, you will be investing in your future. What if just ONE insight helps you get the clarity you were looking for?

Where can I watch event?

You can watch the live online experience from any internet-connected device including smart TVs, smartphones, tablets, streaming media player and game consoles (providing you have a web browser). We recommend setting up your space, so it is comfortable and in an area where you can be present.

I didn't get the email with the broadcast link?

You will receive a confirmation right away and event broadcast links will be sent as the event date approaches. Please check your junk mail folder, and if you have not received it by the 23rd of November please email us at