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Introducing Your Host: Jackie Bowker

Jackie is the CEO of the Global Feel Better Institute and the Creator of the Ultimate Gut and Energy Reset. As a result of her programs, Jackie helps ambitious people get their energy and focus back, lose weight and sleep through the night so they can feel phenomenal in their bodies, operate at their peak and have enough energy for work and for play. 

The Global Feel Better Institute is on a mission to transform the health of 1 billion people, reverse the epidemic of preventable chronic disease and elevate the standard of healthcare globally. 

Jackie is an award winning international nutritionist, keynote speaker, host of the Feel Better Now with Jackie Bowker podcast and is well credentialed with 2-Master Degrees. In her programs, people heal their gut, learn how to eat to live and balance their mind. As a result people solve seemingly impossible health problems, and in the process claim back their power and maximize their human potential.

What do Jackie's clients say?

Jackie was entertaining, enthusiastic and her mind altering knowledge and tangible strategies for greater energy, clarity and performance set everyone up to take positive actions for their health.




I would highly recommend working with Jackie because she has got the right steps and processes, to make sure that she sees the real you and gets you the results that you want in the easiest and most loving way.




A personal message from Jackie Bowker

"10 years ago I was a successful corporate executive who felt burned out. So I understand what it's like to be incredible at what you do but not know how to look after yourself so you can feel, look and live better.

I'd love to help you; join me on this webinar masterclass to learn secrets about gut health that will transform your life.

Find out why hundreds of high-performing people use my system to get their energy back and rebalance their hormones and weight without restrictive diets or excessive exercise.
Get the caring guidance you deserve and get the transformational results you have wanted for a long time and not gotten like our clients..."