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Want a happy gut?

Want To Feel Phenomenal? Join My 3 Day Reset!

Don't miss this ENCORE REPLAY Masterclass with Nutritional Scientist Jackie Bowker. Date & Time:

Aus: 7 August at 9am AEST (SYD) USA: 6 August at 4pm Pacific

What You'll Discover In My COMPLIMENTARY LIVE Online Masterclass:

My powerful formula to The Gut, Brain, Body Reset in a simple way so you can finally get and keep the body you love, look and feel great and make the impact you're here to make.

Why most people are struggling with their weight and energy as they age and why what worked in your 20's and 30's doesn't work NOW

The thing you can do right now to get and keep the body you want so you can look amazing, feel amazing and be on purpose

Why healing your gut and hormones is key to getting your body back

How you can sleep better to feel like yourself again

How to eat not to bloat!

How to use the latest at home lab test to understand what's going on in your gut & hormones

What to eat to have as much energy at 7pm as you do at 7am

...and much more!

Don't miss this FREE, VIRTUAL masterclass on the mistakes keeping you from getting the body you want so you can feel phenomenal (no matter what you do or which profession you're in).

Introducing Your Host: Jackie Bowker

Hey, I am Jackie, the CEO & Founder of The Global Feel Better Institute. I am an award winning nutritional scientist, gut expert, speaker, podcaster and creator of the Gut, Brain, Body Reset. I'm here to help you get and keep the body you want and deserve, and have as much energy and focus at 7pm as you do at 7am. I invite you to keep your health and your wisdom - so your body lasts the test of time in all areas of your life - at home, at work and online.

As a result of my keynotes, workshops & health programs, smart, talented, high achieving people around the world are losing weight, getting their energy and focus back and sleeping through the night. Not only do they feel phenomenal in their body, not only are they operating at their peak and have enough energy for work and for play. They finally have their quality of life back.

Video Testimonials


I've lost 8 kilos in 8 weeks

I would definitely recommend Jackie Bowker because she puts me at the centre, and I feel really supported and it works!

- Justine Richardson - Partner, PwC


It's been a life-changer!

I went to Jackie and said I want to maximise my recovery, have more energy and play at a higher level, and I feel like I've had all those things happen since we have been working together. So it's been fantastic.

Touk Miller - Co-Captain, Gold Coast Suns


I've lost almost 10 pounds

I would highly recommend working with Jackie because she has got the right steps and processes, to make sure that she sees the real you and gets you the results that you want in the easiest and most loving way.

Lisa Kerwin - Financial Advisor, Edward Jones


Just 4 days later, I feel so much better

I sleep better, I am not awake all night, or running constantly to the bathroom, I feel less pain. I am super grateful for meeting Jackie.

- Lise Gottlieb - CEO & Founder Biz Boost Group


Jackie provides you with hope, and she also provides you with healing

I went from having extreme bloating and feeling really uncomfortable… to no pain, no gas and no pressure… I feel great!

- Dana Davis - TV Host & Author


I'm going to walk you through my powerful formula to The Gut, Brain, Body Reset in a simple way so you can finally get and keep the body you love, look and feel great and make the impact you're here to make.

Aus: 7 Aug at 9am AEST (SYD) USA: 6 Aug at 4pm Pacific