Join this exclusive event for ambitious people looking to accelerate their impact 

Get Ready For The #1 Health Event To Upgrade Your Health To Unlock The Next Level Of Your Personal Or Business Growth

Join us to accelerate your impact for our LIVE event at an exclusive luxury venue near Byron Bay, NSW, 1 - 4 March 2023


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Learn & Experience The Secrets To Grow Your  Impact & Performance! 

This exclusive and intimate event is something I wish I had when I was in the process of burning out as a corporate executive. It didn't exist, and still doesn't until now. Now that I have the knowledge I have carefully curated an experience to share the tools that have had the greatest impact on my performance. This is going to be a truly unique and valuable experience. 

This event is for heart centred, ambitious leaders who value their health and understand the next level of their personal or business growth will come from unlocking the next level of their health.
Even if you're busy, and you don't have a lot of bandwidth this is the catalyst to to feeling better NOW in your life, in your relationships and in your career.


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Imagine 4 Days Where You Can: 


Practice and learn the tools to reduce and minimise stress. Our research shows 57% of people report they are stressed and that their stress level is affecting their performance.


Make a simple plan for health challenges that are undermining their performance. Our research shows 60% of people say they have health challenges that are undermining their ability to get work done. 

Enhance FOCUS & Reduce BRAIN FOG 

Have laser focus in a busy high pressure setting and reduce brain fog. Our research shows 58% of people are experiencing brain fog, or an inability to focus which is compromising their productivity. 

Source: global feel better institute 10 question 'how's your energy' survey

"Just 4 days later, I feel so much better."

I sleep better, I am not awake all night, or running constantly to the bathroom, I feel less pain. I am super grateful for meeting Jackie


found a new lease on life

What Our Clients Are Saying:

"Jackie provides you with hope, and she also provides you with healing"

I went from having extreme bloating and feeling really uncomfortable… to no pain, no gas and no pressure… I feel great!


bloating and gas issues healed

"I noticed the change immediately"

Mindblowing would be the underestimating way to put it. Anything from making my fingertip go from completely puffed up with sea urchin porcupine cues with venom in them, for the swelling to go down. I don't know how, but I believe! She did a more intense session with some things in my own life that we all have. I'm just super grateful, I noticed the change immediately.

Dr, Chris

Pain healed immediately

"Highest conversion rate in the last 2 years."

I have now fallen back in love with my business, I have so much more passion, energy and drive... and what has happened in just this short time is I have lost 3 kilograms.


Lost 3kgs & found more energy

Hey, I'm Jackie Bowker, Mind, Gut & Nutrition Expert, CEO of the Global Feel Better Institute, curator of this transformational experience. I specialise in helping highly committed, heart centred people solve health problems to improve their impact, influence and income. I am the Creator of the Bad-To-Better G.E.T.S. System, an international award winning Functional Medicine Nutritionist, double Master degree qualified and expert in Energy Psychology. I passionately believe everybody has limitless potential and once you feel better, can unlock your next level of personal or business growth to live your greatest life and be of service to others. 

Your host: Jackie

Hey, I'm Mark Bowker, CIO & High Performance Facilitator of the Global Feel Better Institute. I am determined to unlock your potential. I have been hooked on doing this since I started tennis coaching at the age of 12. As a leadership facilitator and coach, supporting organisations such as Coles, ANZ, RSM and The Just Group, I have facilitated thousands of transformations through the creation of engaging and challenging environments. My participants develop awareness, clarity and motivation to take specific, positive action so they unlock their greatness.  

Your host: Mark

VENUE:  SOMA - A purpose-built oasis set on 22 acres of rainforest in the Byron Bay hinterland, NSW Australia.  Only 10 minutes from Byron Bay, Soma feels a million miles away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Venue from Nicole Kidman's Amazon Prime series '9 Perfect Strangers'.

DATES:  4pm Wednesday, March 1 to 10am Saturday, March 4, 2023

Venue Details

You understand the connection between health and the next level of personal or business growth

You want to remove any interference getting in the way of you performing at your highest level

You don't need a vacation, you need a transformation

You recognise that your cognitive, physical and emotional health is vital to the success of your decision making. 

You are a heart-centred entrepreneur, business owner or leader looking to accelerate their impact

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