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Tri-Mag Restful Night Large Lemon Lemonade

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Introducing a Larger pack size of our Best Selling Night Magnesium, Tri-Mag Restful Night 

We are excited to announce the addition of a larger 315g pack size of our top-selling magnesium night powder, Tri-Mag Restful Night. This larger pack size delivers a 45-day supply and is available in our Lemon Lemonade flavour.

Now, you can enjoy even more of the benefits of this nighttime formula that promotes relaxation and restful sleep.

Designs for Health's Tri-Mag Restful Night:
  • Provides 300 mg of magnesium per serve
  • Contains a specific blend of 3 Magnesium salts for optimal efficacy 
  • Each serve contains 3.9 gm of Glycine 
  • Contains Saffron, Passionflower and California Poppy
  • Delicious Lemon Lemonade flavour 
  • Low allergen
Benefits of Tri-Mag Restful Night 
  • Promotes a deep and refreshing sleep
  • Supports a healthy mood
  • Supports muscle relaxation
  • Enhances sleep quality