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May 21, 2021

I'm Jackie!

As an expert in gut and hormone health, and a specialist in reprogramming the subconscious mind, I believe you need to tackle both to be a truly happy, healthy human!!


Ready to Master  Your  Wellbeing?

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So you can be happy and healthy for life. No matter where you’re beginning.

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I'm Jackie, CEO.
Global Feel Better Institute

I’m a spiritual scientist and endless optimist.
I would love you to join me in discovering the tools that you need to look after yourself in a deeper way to feel better, in your health and your body. So you can show up better in your career, in your relationships, and build yourself and your family a better future.


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Peek into my little black book of real-food recipes to help you look good and feel good.


Our 21-Day Challenge

 our feel better challenge FROM THE GLOBAL FEEL BETTER INSTITUTe is
How To Get Your Energy Back,Eat Food You Enjoy, And Feel Better Again Fast!

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Get truly happy and healthy!