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Want a happy gut?

14: Feel Better and Improve Relationships with Sam Horn


Can changing the words you use improve your relationships with yourself and others?

Storytelling and high-impact communication expert Sam Horn is on today’s episode to teach you how to do just that.

Words have the power to transform any situation. Today, you’ll be left with actionable tips to change your language for ultimate life satisfaction. 

From “but” to “and,” you’ll discover that even the most simple of words have extraordinary strong consequences. 

Today’s much-needed episode will change the way you speak and think forever! 


  • How to change your words to improve connectivity. 
  • Why you should drop the phrase “no problem” out of your vocabulary.
  • Focusing on what you want vs. what you do not want.
  • Breaking out of the “I’ll do it one day” cycle. 
  • Sam’s “four C’s” to making each day a good day.
  • The most important qualities Sam sees in a leader.





“We can’t motivate people to do better by making them feel bad.” (7:59, Sam)

“The word problem means something’s wrong. And many of us use it habitually and we give people the impression something is wrong, even when there’s not.” (14:05, Sam)

“When we tell people what to stop doing, it never makes it better, It only imprints and perpetuates the dreaded behavior.” (18:00, Sam)

“If we are a coach instead of a critic, if we shape our behavior instead of shame it, if we learn from mistakes instead of lose face… we actually become closer to what we do want instead of what we don’t” (22:34, Sam)

“I believe that what we accept, we teach. And that if we are taking ourselves out of the story and if we are sacrificing ourselves in what we think is noble serving of others, we are modeling for the people around us that we do not count.” (24:48, Sam)

“If there was something meaningful and joyful and we put it off waiting for the perfect moment and that perfect moment never came… That is, and here’s the operative word, Jackie, a preventable regret.” (35:58, Sam)

“My mission is to help people feel better because we know that when people feel better, they want to live a life of service. They want to do meaningful work.” (40:35, Jackie)

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