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Want a happy gut?

12: [Mini Dose] OUR Experience with COVID


In this special mini dose, Jackie shares her family’s recent experience with having the COVID-19 virus.

She walks us through each family member’s unique experience and explains the practices they used to heal as quickly as possible and rebuild their immune system after eliminating COVID from their bodies.

Even as a seasoned functional medicine practitioner, Jackie learned a lot about her own health during this period. You’ll get both her wise takeaways and strategies that her family is using to strengthen their immune systems going forward. 

All in all, Jackie will inspire you to change from a mindset of “sick care” to “health care”! 


  • Fever is the body’s way of naturally killing off pathogens.
  • Sweating is incredibly important to eliminate toxins.
  • The benefits of Vitamin D & why you should know your blood levels and supplement if you don’t have good functional levels (which is different to laboratory ranges). 
  • Hydration tips & antiviral herbs and food suggestions. 
  • Don’t underestimate the power of gut health which is where the majority of your immune system is located. 
  • You can support your health by changing the words you use to yourself and to others to be positive and productive and asking for what you actually want (health) instead of what you don’t want (illness). 


“Sweat is one of our key ways that we can eliminate toxins from the body and that system, it’s very important that that detoxification drainage system is actually working properly.” (3:42, Jackie)

“What we know about vitamin D is that its role in the body is absolutely incredible and as an antiviral, what we can do is push the levels up whilst you’re asymptomatic to help reduce the symptoms.” (14:56, Jackie)

“So my recommendation is to ensure that you are breathing through your nose and not your mouth.” (20:57, Jackie)

“It’s really important to make sure that you’re feeding your gut. That is where your immune system sits. So you can recover and rebuild.” (27:30, Jackie)

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